Info‌rma: SeaSearcher B2B Product Launch


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The Brief

Informa is an FTSE 100 company that specialises in maritime intelligence and advanced predictive analytics. The category they sit in is dominated by several large players, all of whom look very similar from the periphery and are competing for the attention of the same niche audience.

Our task was to launch Informa’s new product, Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance, in four key markets – the UK, US, China and Japan. We were specifically tasked to create a campaign idea that would cut through the category as well as a suite of communication assets that would help generate MQLs and, ultimately, sales.

Insights and Execution

We mapped each target’s audience persona and pain point and tailored messaging to each stage of their buying journey. From this, we created a full customer journey map – from awareness to onboarding – ensuring we could target each audience with optimum communication as we helped navigate them through the sales funnel.

We developed a creative idea to bring the product to life and stand out against its competitors in a sea of sameness. We used a lighthouse as a metaphor to show how Seasearcher Advanced Risk & Compliance helps shine a light on maritime risk, even when you are in the office. We put our creative idea in all the key target audience’s business districts, making it locally relevant and relatable.

Hereafter, we created a suite of assets across the whole customer journey – from LinkedIn to Xing – in three languages (namely Chinese, English and Japanese).

Finally, we created a toolkit, so that Informa could use the assets we created beyond our campaign.


The Results

The campaign was lauded as Informa’s most successful launch campaign to date. The campaign stood out in the category and provided the sales teams with all the ammunition they needed to follow up with the high number of MQLs we generated.




>120% v target