Xbox – Hall of Fame - Global Integrated Campaign


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The Brief

Gamers may be loyal brand ambassadors, but a strong competitor can cause temptation. So, with the next generation of hardware due at the end of 2020, Xbox had one objective: convince fans to lock in with the new Xbox Series X.

Insights and Execution

Our data team identified that ‘respect’ and ‘status' are powerful motivators for gamers. With this in mind, we created the ultimate bragging rights – the opportunity to get named in the Xbox Hall of Fame - a first-of-its-kind campaign in the gaming industry.

HOF celebrated those most likely to commit to the Xbox Series X – top performing Xbox fans – and challenged them to simply play on their current Xbox One, for a chance to make history. Lifetime categories for top performers were balanced with in-game trials to invite participation, conversation, and user generated content from all players.

We leveraged existing channels to minimise costs, starting with a mailer targeting players with high a score. We then identified our strongest digital platforms and posted content (localised into 10 languages) to drive awareness across the wider fanbase.


The Results

When the dust settled, only the best were officially inducted. Eight category leaders from 14 markets had their names added to the Xbox Hall of Fame. With over 3 million gamer engagements and nearly 2 million page visits, the campaign drove gamers to commit their future to Xbox





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